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Equipment: DJI Phantom 2



First testflight with my new tool the DJI Phantom 2.

For this test the GoPro Hero3+ was not installed (less risque!)


Equipment: ProAim JIB



We mounted today for the first time my new ProAim 12ft JIB with

pan & Tilt head.


Equipment: ProAim JIB - Test-shooting



The really first test of my PROAIM 12ft JIB. Now I will practice and hope

to get very soon very good results :)


Equipment: DJI Phantom 2 - Test-shooting



Testflight with my DJI Phantom 2 and attached GoPro Hero3+

For the Film sequence I used also Adobe After Effects CC to

de-fisheye the mp4 file


A small crash happend also at the end due to high speed and

unlucky wind-conditions.


Test: Time-lapse / Zeitraffer test



First timelapse-test with 300 pictures and different speeds:

1/4 / 1/1 / 1/2


Testflight DJI Phantom 2



Another Testflight with my DJI Phantom 2

Training flights



Training flights with my DJI Phantom 2 - Drone